John Lee Hooker at Massey Hall, Toronto, Canada on Sunday 20 August 1978. Photo: Jean-Luc Ourlin

Get the quaint arrogance of the title! It apes old-fashioned dogmatic ideas of improvement, or something. It’s surely one of those deliberately misleading titles and the article won’t be anything about anything. Who needs to have somebody try to tell them how to appreciate, I mean especially primitive visceral stuff, , , anyhow? Those ideas are long gone, daddio. I don’t mean in a derogatory sense. We just try things like art, and blues and rock & roll, this kind of stuff especially, we try it and see how we feel.

Paul Rayson

UK-based writer at work on a book about an obscure rhythm-and-blues musician that also takes in the Mafia, ancient Greece and the Napoleonic Wars. Help.

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