Aesthetics IA#3: “Up Close and Personal (Synthesis)

Mr. Rodney Jaleco, Jr. is a graphic artist at ABS-CBN for 15 years. He is one the people behind the amazing designs that are usually seen in the news and commercials aired in the network.

Mr. Rjay Ty is a song writer and rapper under Artifice Records. He is also the manager of a clothing and lifestyle store.

Mrs. Lani Mercado Revilla was a former actress in GMA. She has done numerous telenovelas and movies. She is now focused on politics after leaving showbiz.

Similarities & Differences

These artists have different ways of expressing themselves creatively through designing, rapping, and acting. The only thing they do similarly is that they share their talents to the public in order to entertain and inspire them.

Roles in Society

The major role of these artists in the society is to inspire people through their works and be able to encourage those who have the desire to express themselves creatively to do the same thing.


The most important quality that I loved from these artist is their passion in what they are doing. I think that this is important, because their passion helps them enjoy and become determined with what they are doing. They are also be willing to learn in order for them to perform better and adapt to certain situations in order to improve themselves. Without passion, they wouldn’t be motivated in doing these things.