The old adage is you get far more out of giving than you do out of receiving. I’m here to tell you its more complicated than that.

My protege, my trainee, my apprentice has just left for the big wide world. This was always the plan and we/she executed it perfectly. Its been 18 months of working one on one with me on big corporate software projects and small websites and medium proof of concept applications. More than that we worked on her soft skills; confidence, communication, negotiation, connection, networking etc.

There is so much more I could teach her, but she needs to fly the coup and learn some of it from others. Is she good? Its tough to tell. She is dedicated, hard working, competent, curious and has a good overall attitude. I’m hoping she is good enough. Part of me is leaving with her. If she fails, I fail. Of course I have told her over and over she will succeed and conquer the world, as long as she keeps working hard and always does her best. But I’m scared. What if my best for her was not good enough? Did I cover every subject? Did I force her personality to change and align with my approach? Was that a mistake? Did I make other mistakes?

Please be successful. Please fulfill your potential. Please be happy. Reach for your dreams bur don’t always try to be perfect. Make your own mistakes but please try to offer solutions and work hard to fix those mistakes and learn valuable lessons.