I don’t see how you square the circle of this being a polite request.
Michael Pinnegar

Several thoughts come to mind:

  1. This was a threat moreso than a polite request
  2. When the developer offered a solution (give me $30k) which is a tiny amount of money for an entity like Kik, why didn’t they just accept the offer — give him his $30k and create a win-win situation
  3. Bigger picture — if corporations can take over package names on a whim, and there are projects with dependencies on those packages, those projects break. Arguably this is the biggest fallacy with package managers, that they can just go and get their dependencies at build time (forgetting that over time some of those dependencies will stop being maintained or will just disappear). In the old days we stored the source code for all dependencies with our code which is a smarter move over the long term.
  4. Bigger picture — who regulates this stuff. I know the answer but it is not a good answer. How much of a kickback will it take for Google, Apple or Facebook or whomever to take over certain names in the future for their new products.