Is your website giving your business the traction it needs? If not, what do you have it up for? Isn’t the whole point of it to let the world know of your existence?

Don’t worry. All hope’s not lost. You just need to give it a mini facelift, change a few things about its appearance, sprinkle some awesomeness and voila! Visitors streaming into your small business website will be like putty in your hands.

You’ll be generating leads and sales in no time, but first things first. Here are some website tips you can use to make it really, really…

We’ve heard it 1000 times- Wordpress sites are the standard for small businesses. They rank well for SEO, are easy to publish blogs, open sourced, widgets for days and generally aren’t too terrible to look at. I mean, 25% of the internet is on Wordpress, so it has to be great right?

That’s true, Wordpress is great. We actually used to be a Wordpress shop ourselves. That was of course, until we discovered Webflow. Now we’re 100% on board the Webflow express drinking the Kool-Aid and never looking back.

We’ll TRY as former Wordpressers to contain our Webflow excitement and…

The age old question for website owners, do I really need SEO? I know we’re all busy people, so to keep it nice and simple the answer is- Yes, yes you do.

Now that we’ve gotten that part out of the way, I’ll use the rest of this post to explain why. For those of you who were just in need of the quick answer, thanks for stopping by. For the rest of you, let’s unpack.

What is SEO?

Before we can get into why SEO is so important for you and your website, let’s first do a quick breakdown of what SEO…

You’ve finally had enough. Everybody and their neighbor has been telling you that the only way to keep your business relevant in today’s age is to have a fancy-pants website where customers can learn about you and place online orders. Well, everybody and their neighbor is right, and you’re realizing that now.

So it’s time to build a website of your own, but before you can do that, you’ll need a website 101 crash course to learn what the internet even is. Luckily, you’ve found the Pretty Nice Websites blog and found this post. …

Paul Herzog

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