A Television EP’s career transition into the world of live streaming

I wanted to share one of the most interested conversations I had at the 2017 NAB Show. Cricket Wheeler is an executive producer from the television industry who I spoke with about the transition into working with live streaming as the essential platform for promotion and ability to monetize content for the brands she works with. Cricket has experience working with brands and sponsors to help provide a professional video production and live streaming experience.

We spoke about her career and the transition from broadcast television to live streaming… Cricket’s “Executive Producer” perspective is extremely interesting to me because it brings a high level thought process to the wild world of live streaming.

Cricket Wheeler interview at the NAB Show

“The transition is well on it’s way” says Cricket in our interview. “I have seen the distribution value of since 2012 working with the Animal Planet channel and ABC… As an executive producer I’m responsible for all of the tools coming together. I always say if on the day of the show I have anything to do I haven’t done my job right.”

Wheeler explains the process she goes through working with the crew, the audio guys, the technical people, the talent and the stage crew. It’s amazing to me how Wheeler explains “Imagining the show from beginning to end, how it will be laid out. Having every second accounted for”. Wheeler then reviews how she is “responsible for taking the show through post formatted for the network to satisfy the sponsors.”

Event coverage and value from live streaming on a television style level is now dependent on knowledge translation to the YouTube & Facebook world. We are seeing success from YouTube Stars, people who are innovative and getting out in the public, but it takes a team of dedicated and knowledgeable video producers to take brands and sponsors to the level of production they are used to with Television.

Cricket is currently working on a “budget conscience system” for a 4 camera entertainment area called the “Ring Studios” which will be opening in Sacramento California in a couple of months. They have purchased an “incredible” old roller rink with an event space area and stage. There is a branding team working with Cricket to build the live streaming platform system to help producers create high quality videos on a consistent basis.

I was happy to hear that Cricket is now working with PTZOptics cameras on a regular basis to build “budget friendly” systems for event venues looking to produce “high quality videos on a consistent basis”. You can watch the entire video and interview here: