Scalable Audience Engagement — The True Power of Live Streaming

So here we are, one week after the world’s largest broadcast and live streaming expo’s. The excitement around the possibilities of live streaming are the result of early success in a market that is expected to soar into a $70B market by 2021. After countless discussion with industry professionals, everyone mentioned “Audience Engagement” as the true the power of live streaming.

After much thought, I realized most live shows, even the ones you see on television, are only scratching the surface when it comes to what is possible with live audience engagement. Live streaming is making it possible to reach massive audiences with content is authentic, exciting and produced with a level quality acceptable by major brands such as Apple, Google and Facebook (all of whom use live streaming for key product launches and events). So what are the new ways to integrate audience engagement?

The presentation above reviews some of the ways you can start integrating your audiences responses into the live show experience. The best part of today’s live data API world that we live in, is that you can create a custom audience response system and use it with your favorite live streaming software.

We mention briefly, new integrations from the NewTek NDI, NewBlue TitleFX and vMix Data Sources are making data ingestion for live streaming easy. Whether you are using a NewTek Tricaster, Wirecast, vMix or another system we can find a way to integrate real time data from your audience into the live show.

Our Live Show Today

Our live show today is all about audience engagement. We will be displaying real time information from social media networks such as: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We will also be displaying real-time user polls and data generated from our audience. Finally, we will be bringing in a curated carousel of social media posts (with pictures) from our audience. It’s going to be a fun show with a special guest Vicky Lashenko from the Mompreneur Show.

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