Boot Camp day three, and still going strong

Yes, I am going strong but not with its own share of unprecedented hiccups. For some reason, I had a great feeling starting my day today, mainly because I spent the night converting coffee into code which resulted in me making three awesome, fairly presentable web pages for my project. You may wonder why this was such a big deal to me but honestly I have never been good in making web pages, not good ones at least, so the challenge on UI development did catch my eye when I saw it in the project document but I had no choice, this was a demon I had to face.

So, my day started with my usual procedure which I adapted since day one of the bootcamp, which is; check my internet connection, smile and read the feedback card. So I went through the feedback card and noticed that after spending a whole night on UI development I forgot my output for yesterday. You maybe wondering how on earth that happened, so let me take you back to yesterday I spent a lot of time with Travis CI integration and an annoying and well hidden import bug in my __init__ script, but I do accept the responsibility for my actions and started working on it, I did my OOP classes first then started writing my tests, later I went through my previous blogs to make some corrections, and of course to entertain myself.

In general, my day was simple, not occasional but fun. I have accomplished a lot and it is encouraging, my Andela boot camp experience is getting better by the day. Before I forget, I did figure out how to integrate with Travis CI, the moment I saw that badge turn green is actually one of my best moments in the boot camp. I am really having a great time, and hope it will continue being better.

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