Second day at Andela Bootcamp

First and foremost let me begin by saying, ‘Yes I checked my internet connection so early in the morning am sure if my laptop had a choice it wouldn’t have booted up’, now that that's out of the way my day started early, smooth and of course with a smile. I had time to review feedback from my facilitator and do most of my research before anyone (except me) in the house woke up, by the time I was done I reviewed my work and followed some guidelines I had gotten online.

By mid morning I was already up to speed with what I Needed to do and what outputs were required most of which seemed attainable, so I Can say my second day so far is going superbly well, too well in fact. By noon I was going through the challenges then I hit the Travis CI integration and I couldn't move, two hours down the line nothing and I hadn't done a lot of what was required, I got in touch with my facilitator and my peers and got help on some issues but I couldn't solve them all, so yes I haven't figured it out yet but that's not the end of it, I then remembered I had some issues with a bug in my login page and had not implemented a good user dashboard yet.

So finally, I had a glimpse of an impending ‘all hell break loose kind of situation’ and it got me thinking. Why don't I do what I can first? So I started working on the Designs and Flask integration and things went more smoothly from there, hopefully by the end of the night I will figure out what's wrong with my Travis IC integration, though one thing is for certain I will get to the end of this issue or my name is not Paul, and it is. In general my experience so far at the Andela bootcamp is awesome, the challenges have been great, facilitators have been very helpful and my peers very resourceful and willing to help. I am really excited to continue in the next step to being an Andela developer.

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