Getting to know Nick Thorn

After getting to know my new friend Nick Thorn, we both quickly drew to our love for sports; not just one but we both spoke about how we love to play the sports we love while trying out new ones. Nick lives 20 minutes outside of Milwaukee which of course lead to his love for the Green Bay Packers and the Milwaukee Brewers; to no surprise football and baseball are his true favorite sports. While I play on the lacrosse team here at Marquette, it was great to have a chance to explain a sport he did not know much about and possibly make lacrosse another sport he loves.

I humorously grew envious of Nick after he had told me not only that he is a short 20 minute ride from home but that his mom also works here at Marquette. He not only has the luxury of going home whenever he needs too but I would love to be able to see my mom daily, along with my dad and siblings. With Nick’s mom being an employed by Marquette he is lucky enough to only have to pay for room and board! Something I know my parents would of loved to hear after I chose to attend Marquette.

I can easily tell I made a new friend because we not only have the same major, have a deep love for sports and both have a deep drive to become successful both in school and after graduation; our conversation just continued as if we had been friends since high school. Although Nick is in his sophomore year while I am currently in my Junior, I am excited to get the chance to relive the dorm lifestyle again vicariously threw him and to have another friend to call on the weekends during my time here at Marquette University.

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