When it comes to the process of studying, everyone is different. Some people have their own strange habits or odd routines; while others have no boundaries when studying. I have a simple type of study habit; my biggest problem is just to start studying but once I do it usually goes smoothly.

The biggest thing for me is that it is impossible to study in my room; and when I say it is impossible I mean it actually cannot happen. My bed and I have a staring contest each time I try to study in my room and once that happens, my bed usually pulls me in. This is why the Raynor library serves as a great tool for me because it gives me and many others the proper setting needed to study effectively.

Raynor is immense and has many different parts inside of it, many of which are used for studying. It has places like the “bridge” which is noisy and alive and serves as a prime location for many students to study. Than there are other places like the basement or the first floor which is quiet unlike the bridge but always very populated which is something that is extrmely distracting to someone like myself. I need a place that is not too populated so that I can just concentrate on my books and the task at hand.

This is why the third floor of Raynor is my ideal spot because there are never many students there with the exception of finals week and I also have the luxury of having my own desk. I am the type of person that can become easily distracted and often times begin thinking about everything else in the world besides what I am supposed to be studying. Which is why having my own desk and not having people bustling all aroud me is so important; all I need is my pair of headphones and some comfortable clothes and my brian is on and focused.

My study needs are not too odd compared to some of the needs a few of my friends have but my needs are extremely important. I am not the type of person who can dive into notes and books for four or five hours at a time but several breaks during studying have proved to be extremely helpful. With these few needs I have to successfully study is the reason why I have been able to have success in the classroom here at Marquette for the past two years.

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