‘A Very Secret Service’ Is a Very French Spy Comedy
War Is Boring

French humour is not quite as po faced and flat as the German, but is strange I can testify after 5 years here in the wild north, Chez les Ch’tis. They don’t like anyone else to take the p*** out of the war in France unless it’s themselves. When you get it it is absolutely hilarious. You come away with new catch phrases, and private jokes, with the people you watched it with. “J’ai glissée Chef” is still with me, long after the first time I saw the film. The series of old films about “The 7th Company” are also worth a watch. Internationally understandable jokes, gags and sketches, that don’t ruin the run of the film, and have that little “Je ne sais quois” of French twist in the humour. The Visitors series of films with a medieval Lord and his mad squire shot into the future is also notable for it’s slapstick (which is still funny) along with good dialogue. Hope you able to understand in the original, and English translation doesn’t ruin too many jokes biloutes.

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