Muhammad Ali’s Most Important Quote…

The world lost a bona fide legend in the last few days.

The last few months have been awash with the deaths of many celebrities, much-loved characters and household names.

Muhammad Ali was much more than a champion boxer. His appeal crossed boundaries and his intelligence and insights, whilst not always appreciated at the time, were very often seen to be prophetic and ‘right’ when viewed through the lens of time. In particular, I’m thinking about his reasons for refusing to be drafted.

Famed as much for his oratory as his boxing, he made the world smile many times with his bruising dialogue, often delivered with a knowing glint in his eye which made the delivery even more seductive to those listening and watching.

“I am the greatest. I said that even before I knew I was.”

Is my favourite. I like this one best as at its fundamental level, it’s about BELIEF.

And whatever you do or are trying to do, it all starts with belief. If you BELIEVE it’s possible then you’re already on the way to manifesting what you seek. Muhammad Ali literally spoke his success into reality. And most people who get what they seek do the same too.

It’s been said before that everything is created twice: first in the mind and then it is manifested on the physical plane. Every invention, every success, every achievement was first thought about deeply enough and frequently enough that it caused the person with those thoughts to act and move towards what they seek, at the same time bringing it closer too.

Belief is everything. Whatever you seek, if you believed it was possible strongly enough, everything that matters will align for you to bring it closer.

Belief is everything.

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