Would You Propose Marriage On The First Date?

It happens, but rarely will you recruit someone on the first exposure to your business opportunity.

You will have to put most people through a recruiting process, exposing them to more and more information over a period of time, allowing them to do their due diligence, until they’re comfortable with us, what we do and/or the timing becomes right for them to choose to partner with us.

Often, being over-zealous and ‘proposing marriage on the first date’ can have the exact opposite effect with many people, switching them off you and your opportunity forever.

It’s said that in ‘traditional advertising’ it can take up to seven exposures before someone chooses to buy, and very often the recruiting process in network marketing is similar.

You need to be mentally prepared for this, especially if you’re new to the profession. Use the tools that your company provides to move your prospects along your ‘recruiting pipeline’, and don’t get disheartened if someone doesn’t join at the first time of asking.

I didn’t, did you?

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Originally published at www.paulrobinsonplus.co.uk.