Rose-breasted Grosbeaks will be returning to Southwestern Ontario in a few weeks. Offering safflower seed at your feeder will help attract these stunning birds.

Feeding your backyard birds year-round can be incredibly rewarding. Observing a male cardinal pass a seed to a female during courtship demonstrates the lengths some birds go to obtain a mate. Similar behaviour can be observed later in the season as many birds will bring their offspring to feeders once fledged and place food in their open mouths. These actions provide hours of entertainment for any backyard birder and are just one of the many reasons I leave my feeders up all year.

This bee covered in pollen on a purple coneflower was the first image I was really proud of that I shot with a macro lens. To my delight, the image was featured in National Geographic’s Daily Dozen.

During the summer months, I like to put down my telephoto lens from time to time and focus on shooting with a macro lens. With so many possibilities in macro photography, one doesn’t have to travel far to find a subject. I prefer to focus my macro efforts on insects as they are prevalent anywhere I go and are fairly simple to shoot provided I follow a few easy steps.

By Paul Roedding on August 17, 2018

Great Blue Herons are one of the many birds you can expect to find while birding at area wetlands.

Each year throughout August I look forward to birding at area wetlands as several species congregate in large groups within these habitats. Wetlands don’t have to be overly big in size to attract impressive numbers of birds. Often times, small bodies of water including neighbourhood stormwater management ponds can be great places to bird. Wetlands provide all the necessities of life for birds making them quite appealing.

By Paul Roedding on May 11, 2018

This male Prothonotary Warbler came within 10 feet of where I was standing on the Tulip Tree Trail at Rondeau Provincial Park.

With spring migration in full swing here in Southwestern Ontario, I decided to take two weeks vacation in an effort to get in as much birding possible while bird numbers increase across the region. Having completed a few day trips as well as several visits to some of my favourite hotspots within the city, I birded every day this week and was quite happy with the results.

Among the planned day trips was a visit to Rondeau Provincial Park on the north shore of Lake Erie, a popular May destination for many birders…

Taking the time to prepare for an image long before pressing the shutter will lead to more consistent results.

When it comes to photographing wildlife, being prepared when a shot presents itself is something any photographer beginner or professional can do to ensure greater success in the field. Some misconceptions I hear regarding my photography is I must be incredibly patient or have waited a ridiculous amount of time to capture many of my images. While I consider myself a patient person in many aspects of my life, this does not hold true when it comes to photography.

Most of my photography takes place during morning walks while on a work break and therefore I must keep moving. As…

Peanut feeders like this inexpensive metal one I have in my yard are great for attracting Northern Flickers and other clinging birds.

Walk into any store specializing in feeding wild birds and the selection of feeders can be overwhelming to say the least. With so many styles to choose from, how do you choose the right one for your yard? Fortunately, the staff at these specialty stores are happy to offer expert advice based on your specific yard and the birds you wish to attract.

In my yard, I have as many as 10 feeders out at any given time which to many may seem like overkill, so for this post I am going to share the top three I think every…

Achieving sharper images has far more to do with the person behind the camera than the price of your lens.

One of the biggest misconceptions in photography is that in order to achieve sharp images you need an expensive lens. I often hear people say “if I had this or that lens I could get pictures like that too.” I myself shared this same belief when getting started in photography, but quickly learned that this simply is not true. While expensive glass does have its advantages it certainly does not guarantee results. In reality, several factors are to blame for images that lack sharpness none of which are the fault of the lens.

When reviewing my images after a day…

The sights and sounds of Northern Cardinals are a welcome addition to any landscape. Follow these four simple steps to attract more of these beautiful songbirds to your yard.

Northern Cardinals are one of the most recognized birds throughout their range and a favourite backyard visitor of many. Cardinals are often the bird homeowners most wish to attract when placing a feeder in their yard. This winter I regularly have a dozen cardinals visiting my feeders at the same time providing an incredible sight. In order to lure all these cardinals to my yard I have implemented a few simple measures to make my landscape more enticing. Attracting cardinals is quite simple if you follow these four easy steps.

Locating a fast flying bird in your camera’s viewfinder can be quite challenging. Fortunately there is a simple technique which makes achieving this incredibly easy.

Wildlife photography can be quite challenging. Unlike landscape or portrait photography where the subject is large and stationary, nature photographers must deal with much smaller subjects, and ones that are almost constantly moving. Whether its a bird of prey in flight, a small songbird flitting among the branches, or a butterfly moving from flower to flower, one of the hardest elements of wildlife photography can be locating the subject in your camera’s viewfinder.

Fortunately, there is a simple trick photographers can use to make locating their subject much easier. By using your camera’s hot shoe as a sight, locating your…

Wildlife photography can be extremely challenging. Often times we photographers add to these challenges by making critical errors resulting in missed opportunities. In order to put the odds in your favour for capturing an image of a lifetime, avoid making these common mistakes.

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