How I found a hospital pager at a coffee shop

One day, I was at a coffee shop, sitting on a chair. As I spent more and more time curled up in the chair, with Daniel Defoe’s classic tome “Robinson Crusoe,” my cell-phone fell out of my pocket into the cushion of the chair. As I reached into the cushion of the chair, I felt around. Here, a pack of gum, there my cell-phone and next to my cell-phone, another object: a dull black hospital pager! I picked it up and called the number on the pager with my beloved phone. “Ring, Ring!” my phone went. I thought of the many times I heard ringing: when I was on the phone, when someone else was on the phone, or when there was a bell nearby. Finally, someone answered the phone and I told them I had their pager. They said they would find someone to pick it up.

Two days later, the pager and I had become inseparable. I took it everywhere: here I was, and there was it. People knew I was coming by the beeping noise of “my” pager. One day, I was in the library and it began to beep more quickly.

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