The Most Valuable Commodity in the Information Age

Magic. It’s the only thing left, the only thing people still pine for. We know how everything works. We’ve seen behind the curtain. The smoke has cleared, the jig is up, everything is rigged, and we’re all in on the joke.

But… we still look for magic. As long as there are unanswered questions, we will always turn our heads toward those mysterious forces that whisper promises of something more, sweet everythings, new possibilites for ourselves, our souls, and the love we have for this grand experiment. Yes, life is an experiment. Sooner or later we all figure this out. You, me, the lot of us. We kiss the sky and suck the dirt. Reach heights of untold ecstacy, then burst into flames falling, charred and ashen, weightless and gray with cancer-dust, to the ground. That’s life. That’s how the old song is sung.

And so we live in this “information age.” And what does that mean? It means we have all the earthly data we could possibly want to access right at our fingertips. Now what? Now what do we do? Turns out having all the information doesn’t mean having all the answers. The playing field for facts has been leveled. It’s no longer all that valuable to have someone who knows alot… what’s far more valuable is someone who can do alot. Who can think in unthunk ways, who can synthesize the known black and white artifacts in colorful new arrays that birth fresh ideas and explosions of innovation. That’s what can carry this whole story forward. That’s what’s missing. That’s what’s magic.

Yes, when the curtain is pulled back and the secrets are all exposed, we are left wondering why we still feel so empty, so hollow… lonlier than ever before! Facts are frosty companions. All this information does is shine a light on the fact that even when we know it all (impossible, of course), we are far from understanding it all. The great bamboozle of life still eludes us, yet fascinates us (or tortures us, depending).

One thing is for certain — magic still exists. But, as the great Roald Dahl said, “Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.”

Tattoo this on your heart, sear it on your skull, etch it in your spine, carve it in your cerebellum, mark it on your lips… the fact remains, magic is what we need to go on living. Magic is what gives us hope. It lifts us up in ways we will never (or at least not for a long time) comprehend, and to heights that no website, no marketing funnel, no advertisement, no how to book, no raw factual material can ever hope to reach. It’s the between-the-lines. That’s where the magic is. It’s in the meaning. In the middle, somewhere between the writer and the reader. Those unnameable places, those incaluable spaces. That’s magic, and in this age of information, it’s what we need most.

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