UpdateZen Has Been Acquired! Meet The New Team!

We are thrilled to announce that UpdateZen has been acquired by a world class team of entrepreneurs and technologists who have some very big plans for the product and the company.

Below are personal notes from both Paul Ruderman, the founder of UpdateZen, and Joreda Topi, the new CEO.

Paul Ruderman, Founder, UpdateZen

A note from Paul Ruderman, Founder of UpdateZen:

When we set out a little over two years ago to create the world’s simplest status reporting solution, we knew it wasn’t gonna be easy. Our goal was to bring a sense of calm to the chaos of information overload. To do so, we embraced a fierce minimalist, less-is-more approach to design and communication. And thanks to your continued feedback, we’ve sharpened the product and user experience every step of the way.

But our work is far from done. There are many more product enhancements planned and a much wider audience to whom we’d like to introduce UpdateZen, both across the enterprise and globally. And that is why I am so happy that Joreda Topi, a dynamic, creative and product-centric entrepreneur, will be leading the UpdateZen team from this point on. Joreda has extensive experience building technology solutions and selling into both Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, and it is that experience that makes her uniquely suited to take UpdateZen to the next level.

I will continue to serve as a board member and advisor to the company, and can’t wait to see where the product goes from here. As always, feel free to shoot me an email at any time. My team and I are forever grateful for your ongoing, enthusiastic support.

Thank You,

Joreda Topi, CEO, UpdateZen

A note from Joreda Topi, the new CEO of UpdateZen:

My team and I are very excited to continue building on the great innovations that UpdateZen has introduced to team productivity. Like Paul, I have a passion for finding efficiencies in communication, and I am committed to continuing the design principles of minimalism, simplicity, and brevity. My team and I see many ways to enhance the product experience for all of our users.

I have spoken with many of UpdateZen’s happy customers and am paying close attention to your feedback. We are very focused on our product roadmap to maximize security, expand adaptability, create enterprise-level administrative functionality and establish a global presence. We will continue to listen closely, work diligently, and prioritize feature requests to strengthen UpdateZen.

I will be reaching out to many more of our loyal users and will always welcome every comment, request and idea you share with us. Please be assured that we are devoted to your satisfaction, as that translates into our success.

Joreda Topi

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