Janith Wickramasuriya

I liked how many connections you were able to draw in your mind map. I think this shows that your process was very thoughtful. I also liked how your suggested themes approached health and wellbeing in a nonstandard way, beyond the more obvious medicine and physiology themes.

I wish in your mind map we could have seen even more topics and how you would have related them. In turn, it would have been fun to see the even greater number of connections you could have found, although I understand the digitized version may have been even more overwhelming (though in a slightly funny way).

What if your theme of habits and patterns had been more specifically tailored to the health and wellbeing topic? Perhaps this could have made for a topic that was more within the scope that was defined by the assignment prompt, focusing specifically as we talked in class on one or another specific set of habits and patterns such as in professional gaming (again, as we mentioned in class) or another such narrower demographic.

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