Kaleen Tu

I really liked the attention to detail and the work you put into your mind maps! It was really interesting to see such a thought out process and work through your thoughts. I also liked your sketches and that your ideas for them, though still maybe “silly”, were still thought out.

I wish the DIY World topic had been more finely tuned to the health and wellbeing topic, so we could have explored it further. I think that it is very interesting to examine these trends and how they affect people on an individual and a more society-oriented basis.

I wonder, what if the DIY topic had been narrowed down to a type of wellness, such as home-brew remedies, holistic medicine, or something similar? Analyzing how these types of trends affect peoples’ health and how they view treatment and wellbeing. I used the example of kombucha, a “trend” product whose health benefits are not necessarily proven or have extensive medical testing to back it, yet many who consume it regularly swear by its effects.

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