America’s Deep State Power Struggle Is At Its Most Interesting Point Yet
Caitlin Johnstone

The NYT has become tabloid in its giddy breathless coverage of the Russian Boogeyman hacking story. It mirrors the way the covered HRC’s failed corrupt con job of a campaign. What worries me is that historically they — the deep state — will stop at nothing — nothing — to protect their positions of wealth and power. Military takeover; war; political prisons, Seth Rich style ‘disappearances’ and so on. Remember — this is a system with a tradition of ops that routinely supported brutal military coups, destruction of civil liberties, death squads, terror, torture and more in South America and many other places. Right now they’re trying furious distractions. It’s not accomplishing much except to annoy the people. (BTW, The CIA is linked to 7 “overthrows” of foreign governments — but likely there are more. Here’s a link you might find interesting: Talk about election meddling.) Another fact to consider: 117 countries field spy networks with significant hacking capabilities. Most of these countries have an interest in the politics and economy of the US and the rest of the G-20, if not many more. If we’re going to investigate meddling, let’s do it like a boss. This means investigating internal and external threats — including our own spook agencies and their operatives, including the DNC, RNC, NSA, FBI, CIA and others, not to mention every capable governmental an private spy agency. The Russia narrative is a distraction. Why? Look at what we’re not talking about.

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