Port Huron Revisited

And I wave goodbye to America

And smile Hello to The World

— Tim Buckley, Goodbye and Hello

Bernie Sanders — cross-generational icon
In a socialist economy, who gets the Ferraris?
Arthur Schatzkin. On the left, ca. 1962, posing for a formal portrait in front of the complete set of Encyclopedia Britannica’s that he WON just for being the smartest kid in the 8th grade. On the right, a few years later, trying to sell Karl Marx at a family dinner. Any resemblance to the Tim Buckley album cover at the top of this page is strictly coincidental.
Marx and Lenin or Marx and Lennon — The ideological dilemma of the 1960s
Tom Hayden, then and now
Mikhail Gorbachev and Ronald Reagan signing the Port Huron Statement….oh, wait…
Columbia High 1965 graduate Mark Rudd speaks at an SDS rally at Columbia University in April 1968
The flag and emblem of the Progressive Labor Party




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Paul Schatzkin

Paul Schatzkin

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