How the Phillies are Doing a Great Job With Social Media

In Today’s world, social media is everything. People love interacting with each other, and sports fans in particular flock to social media to get the latest updates on their teams. One professional team that does a great job at managing their social media accounts is the Philadelphia Phillies. They are very active on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and they have some of the best social media management in the entire MLB.

Tim Stoeckel, director of social media for the Phillies, started doing the live game updates on the Twitter feed for the Phillies right from his own couch. He would watch the game on TV, then update the Twitter as things happened. This meant he had to stay up until 1, sometimes 2 am when the team was away, on the west coast. When the full time social media director left for another job, Stoeckel took over. He now manages the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The team has someone else devoted entirely to on field in the dugout snap chat stories and they will be much more involved with that this upcoming season. With Spring Training starting, Tim has been very active on the Phillies social media, particularly the Instagram and the Instagram stories feature. He posts short bits of great content on there, which entertains the fans, and is certainly the main point of Social Media. Be sure to check out the Phillies on Instagram.

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