Philadelphia Eagles Social Media

The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the best teams in the NFL at managing their social media accounts. The NFL has very strict social media policies, so managing a team’s accounts is no easy task. One of the new regulations that the NFL put in place was that a team is not allowed to post game highlights on their Twitter feed until the NFL account has posted it on their Twitter. Samantha Wood runs the Eagles social media accounts, and she did a pretty good job at poking fun at this policy early in the NFL season. When Malcom Jenkins had a pick six against the Washington Redskins, the Eagles Twitter account wasn’t allowed to post the highlight. So, she posted a video of an action figure football player returning the touchdown. It was a pretty good way to troll the NFL. Wood also does a great job with the Eagles Snapchat account. Each game day, she gets access to the locker room before the game so she can show fans the players getting ready. She also gets field access so she can show fans the players warming up for the game. The Eagles are one of the most active teams on Snapchat in the NFL, and definitely deserve a follow.

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