Vox Media Must be doing Something Right

Vox Media is one of the most rapidly expanding digital media companies in the country. Their brands include covering sports with “SB Nation”, gaming with “Polygon”, eating with “Eater”, shopping with “Racked”, and several more. NBC just bought their company for 200 million dollars, so clearly they’ve got to be doing something right. NBC knows if they want to stick around for a long time, they have to invest in the young up and coming media companies that know how to cater to viewers.

Vox was founded in 2002 as SportsBlogs, a site for Oakland Athletics fans, and has since expanded tremendously. They now cover much more than sports, and have offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Washington DC, and New York. They have over 400 full time writers that write stories for them, and over 800 million people around the world read stories produced by Vox Media. SB Nation alone has 185 blogs and is one of the fastest growing sports media websites. Vox launched their gaming website “Polygon” in 2012, and there most recent site to launch was a technology site in 2015 called “Recode”. One of the cool things about Vox is they have their own Snapchat story. They have several people that work at creating content for Snapchat as their full time job. Vox is truly a diverse media company, with many different topics and outlets for distribution.

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