How to Explain Net Neutrality to Your Relatives over the Holidays
C. Scott Brown

Chris Taylor: Like, I think, what you’re posting here, and don’t know how to respond to a specific post, so here goes:

I’m not a technical person, and some of this is confusing. Can you help a layman out and elaborate a bit on this:

2) The fact that you have to pay for channels you don’t like?

3) The channels that you do want costing a lot more than other channels?”

Thank goodness that Net Net Neutrality will fix this.

You’re saying that Netflix is over charging me for movies I don’t want. And that Amazon and Google are over-charging me for the movies I do want.

Because movies must cost less than a penny each. Netflix had more than 1400 movies available and they let me watch them as many times as I want in a month for $13.99 or less.

And Amazon and Google want to charge me more than $1.00 per movie and only let me watch it for 24 hours.

Those buggers!

Let’s get Net Neutrality!

Thank you.

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