Michael Moore’s dangerous documentary

Michael Moore should be embarrassed. As Executive Producer on “Planet of the Humans”, an environmental hit-piece like none I’ve ever seen, he has done great disservice to the environmental movement.

Anyone interested in saving the planet who watched this poor excuse of a film, would come away thinking solar and wind energy were bad, and electric cars were horrible. I’m not kidding. They cherry pick information from 2011 on the Volt from ignorant people, and do the same for a small solar system installed a decade ago while representing this as state of the art. Huge lies were told through omission in this film!

To be fair, Michael Moore is not in the film at all. Director, Jeff Gibbs and producer, Ozzie Zenner, are the main culprits behind this dangerous documentary. I’ve had dealings with Ozzie Zenner many years ago when he was writing anti-solar and anti-EV pieces in the Bay Area. As far as I know, both of them use dirty electricity to power their homes, and they both drive dirty gas-burning cars, so they are huge hypocrites for attacking clean energy and EVs.

They suggested that solar panels last only ten years when the reality is they last many decades beyond that. They made similar claims about wind energy and cherry picked a marginal wind installation to highlight.

They essentially lied about Tesla, indicating the Gigafactory was supposed to be powered by clean energy, but showing that it was connected to the grid, leaving out the glaring fact the clean energy is being installed gradually as the factory is built out. They even purposely used a photo of the factory without solar panels on it when there are plenty of photos available showing a large part of the solar already installed.

They showed graphics about clean energy without dating the graphic. In such a dynamic industry as clean energy, where percentages move in a matter of months, to show energy production for a given source without a date is worthless. Since much of their footage was a decade old, one could assume these graphics were of similar vintage.

There were some important points made on biomass and the investment side of the environmental movement toward the end, but I have to question the veracity of them because of the horrible lies they perpetrated in the rest of the film.

They briefly touched on how population was a contributing factor, but other than that fleeting moment in the first half, there was absolutely nothing on solutions. Nothing!

A viewer is left with the notion that there is nothing that can be done. Can’t use clean electricity because solar and wind is bad. Can’t use EVs, because those are bad, too. The only thing they mention at the very end of the film is that people have to essentially wake up. Well, many of us have been awake for a long time and we’re actually doing something to fix these problems.

Michael Moore, do you really believe all the things in your film? If so, I have to drastically amend my understanding of whose side you’re on. Your film rightly points out some of the problems of our capitalist system, but you failed miserably to make a film that will do anything to fix the problem. As a matter of fact, lots of your followers will watch this film, and instead of switching to clean energy and EVs, they’ll continue polluting just like you, Jeff, and Ozzie. Hypocrites all.

You failed miserably.

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