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Great. I like to hear about Hungary and Poland. I read the speeches Orban gives and they are very heartening, Isn’t it amazing we have such small islands of hope for the future of our culture. I have struggles with why Europe and half USA and even my neighbour Australia wants to invite in the invasion of terrorists. People blame some kind of civilisation degeneration or Jews, but I can not get my head around it.

We have libertarians in New Zealand who say there should be no borders. I say OK on my return from Bangkok I will drop off the fucking Arabs I have to live with here, and you can look after them in your house. They don’t get the joke.They see private property but not Nationhood.

They see attack after attack , and stick to this “moderate Islam” stuff, like moderate psychopath. Oh look I’m a moderate psychopath I might not kill you all, if you behave and take Sharia law.

I am saying that older men like me will have to turn up at the front line and start the action. The Manchester jihadists could have been taken out by four men preemptively. I ‘ll read your work, I think Adam Piggot from Australia sent us here. I think you had a funny saying on the other post

pox hol neg. God that knocked me back. paul scott nz