How can we use a piece of music to kick off a screenplay?

I just made it through to the second round of a screenwriting competition. In 3 hours I will get an email with a randomly selected genre, subject and character. I have 3 days to write 8 pages, a bit tougher than than writing a blog. The first round was spy/privacy/undercover cop and I knocked this one up. 12 pages in 7 days, I had a ball.

So in 3 hours time I begin 3 days of guilty pleasure. …

Even to an Aussie living in Singapore, this has been one of the most entertaining elections in a long time. Unfortunately, the Ultimate Battle for the Leader of the World has become a sordid affair and many of us would agree that the prospects are pretty depressing.

Luckily I am a composer. Through various tricks and self-delusions I can usually write my way in or out of any mood.

People often ask me how I begin a piece of music and I have to say honestly that it’s different every time. …

I’m a professional composer. Every morning I go to work and write music all day long.

I don’t take a single day for granted.

Advertising pays most of the bills, often writing music for useless stuff which I would never think of buying (nor would my clients for that matter). I hate shopping, I don’t really like owning stuff, even musical instruments.

I love my job. In a single day I may have to jump from a string trio to Indo EDM to lederhosen accordion music to “music made from (insert any product)”. Sometimes they are 3 minutes, often 30…

Paul Searles

Telling stories with music.

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