The Periodic Table of App Data SDK’s — 4th Edition

Totally agree with the binary nature of app ecosystem, where few do really well, while the rest is totally ignored. So many businesses pushed out apps, like they did when everyone started publishing web sites without really understanding what they are getting themselves into. A lot of traditional brands that I have talked to regarding their app businesses were basically in a freeze mode after they pushed out whatever app they could think of in the earlier days of app stores, because they saw no return from them.

Companies need to treat app business as another startup under their brand, who needs to figure out how to dominate a completely new market utilizing their existing strengths, and only so few are truly doing this, namely Starbucks.

However, this also presents companies like mParticle and Prolific Interactive with massive opportunities to provide guidance, as it’s likely that the other “99%” haven’t even really started in mobile yet.

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