Bloom Where You’re Planted
Bryce Roberts

This. So much this.

I’ve spent almost all of 2016 visiting 41 cities (mostly in the MidWest) in an Airstream and living / working / playing (read: investing) in startups outside of Silicon Valley.

For 2017, I’m going to focus on encouraging more founders, investors and community leaders (like you!) to come along with us to stops on the tour.

Other than access to money, it’s access to functional expertise (aka “smart people from other places”) to bounce ideas around and give entirely new perspectives to things.

If you’re interested in visiting your peers across America, I hope you’ll join us in at least one (or more) cities:

P.S. don’t worry, you won’t need to stay in my Airstream — I’ll put you up in a swanky hotel. :)

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