What ‘power’ means today.

Paul Singh
Nov 16, 2016 · 2 min read
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A thousand years ago, power belonged to those people that owned the dirt. So, if you owned the dirt, you could say, “Hey, you can use this dirt and I have the power.”

Then, a hundred years ago, power belonged to the people that had all the money. If you wanted to build a business, you borrowed money someone and they had power over you.

Ten years ago, power belonged to people who knew how to use technology. If you knew how to use email (seriously), you could easily get a job in some IT field and have power over others.

Today, power belongs to people that understand that we live in an attention economy.

When you get a 30-minute meeting with somebody today, you don’t get 30 minutes of attention. You have to earn all of your attention every 30 seconds. And then you have to re-earn it every 30 seconds.

It’s the unfortunate truth of the reality we all live in today.

We’re all busy. Even the investors you’re trying to pitch. Even the employees you want to hire. Even the customers you want to sell. (As a reminder, that’s exactly why investors outside your hometown don’t take your calls.)

Never forget that.

When you decide to pitch an investor, make sure that every word coming out of your mouth is something that grabs their attention.

Originally published at Results Junkies.

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