My Uniform Makes Me Sick (Literally)
Heather Poole

Heather… I weep with you that your company would be so callous with your health and the health of all who travel in your company’s planes. As someone who suffers from MCS, I can relate so closely with the symptoms you are having. It was the callousness of my workplace that led to my current condition so I understand some of the feelings of betrayal you must feel. Having our lungs and skin be a dumping ground for someone’s toxic waste wrapped up in a uniform is sheer madness and is, in reality, a physical assault.

I and so many others like me are very concerned about your long term health and whether or not your body will be able to recover from this attack. Please know that you are in the prayers of many today and will continue to be in our prayers as you continue to fight for your health and your basic right to be safe in the workplace.

Continue to fight for your health. You are not alone in this. Be well, be safe, and we’ll be out here backing you up. ❤

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