Caitlin Johnstone and David Cobb Respond to Counterpunch
Caitlin Johnstone

Caitlin’s analyses are generally accurate and compelling in my opinion, and this piece about seeking alliance, when principled, is one of her best. I hope that she will build on this relatively short article in order to help to raise awareness about the need to overcome tribal and ideological barriers whenever possible. She doesn’t use the term ‘class’ here, but it is the essence of the question. (She does mention “proletariat”, which may serve the purpose.)

My experience is that we proles really do understand the situation, but often find single-issue limits to our willingness to be ‘organized’ by ideologues — abortion being perhaps the most comprehensive divider. Of course, the corporate media embellish — purposefully enhance — the divisions; but their work is relatively easy because they can find some group with some progressive credentials to take an over-my-dead-body stance on the presumed leftist position on the issue. Too often, this group then gratuitously attacks the morals, intelligence, or psyche of those on the other side of the issue.

As Caitlin exemplifies in her discussion of potential and occasional alliance with Cernovich, we have to act as rationally to build relationships that can lead to discussion and agreement, whenever possible.

Counterpunch is an excellent source of information and analysis. Caitlin is better informed than its editors in this matter.

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