A lazy guy’s take on the future of office buildings

Paul Stanton
Apr 6, 2022


Like many of you reading this post, I talk to a lot of people about the “future of office buildings”.

And since my brain operates like a third-grader’s, I started drawing pictures to guide those conversations. And this is the picture I’ve been using most…

How office buildings worked / work / will work

I’m also lazy. And the internet is a great tool for lazy people — so I figured I’d record myself explaining this picture, post it, and give back 10 minutes to future recipients of my calendar invites.

Note: watch on 1.5x if you want to mitigate my poor public speaking ticks.

10 minutes (watch on 1.5x)

Hope this sparks more conversations. And look forward to seeing just how wrong this picture is in 5 years.