Bird’s s.h.a.r.e. Safe Streets Tour: Scaling the Social Contract of the Streets

By Paul Steely White

2.5 billion. That is how many car trips we take every single day. To ensure the survival of ourselves and of our planet, significantly reducing that number is the global imperative of our time…

By Paul Steely White

In October, I made an important decision — an uncomfortable decision that impacted my family and left others scratching their heads. I decided to leave Transportation Alternatives to join Bird. Many asked, “why?” …

They call us the All-Powerful Bike Lobby.

The term was coined in 2013 by an editorial board member of the Wall Street Journal named Dorothy Rabinowitz, during a now-infamous televised rant. Rabinowitz railed against the new public bike share program, Citi Bike, the new green protected bike lanes, and the…


My very best moments happen on city streets. Is that true for you, too? Riding slowly, two abreast, deep in conversation with a friend. Exchanging smiles with a stranger about a funny, fleeting moment you both happened to catch. …

“Pedestrians should be loved; they are the better part of humanity.”

— Ilf and Petrov, 1931

The phrase “lowly pedestrian” did not arise until a person on horseback was there to look down at them. Before then, people were people. And just as dolphins swam and horses galloped, people walked.

The year 1990 was formative for me. I was a wee undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; I had just started to ride my bike around for transportation; and I attended my first public protest — No Blood for Oil — an anti-war gathering during the first invasion of Iraq.

Michael Schenkman was a TransAlt member, a parent, an athlete — not unlike you or me before he was killed on his bike. His death in August brought the news that the number of cyclists killed in New York this year had already surpassed those killed in all of last…

Paul Steely White

Paul is the Director of Safety Policy and Advocacy for Bird. From 2004- 2018 Paul was the Executive Director of NYC’s Transportation Alternatives.

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