Top 10 IoT software development companies you can trust in 2019 (Updated in Oct 2019)

Your guide to distinguish top IoT software development companies among numerous providers available: How to make a smart choice for smart technology

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Who are they — the Internet of Things software development companies?

Nowadays, the interest in innovation is enormous. Many firms pursue the goal to automatize their operations and maximize the profits from process optimization. And with a risen demand for the Internet of Things, software development companies try their best to supply the needed services. In this context, various firms work on elaborating the strategies and options for the businesses to include smart technologies in their operations. In this context, all of them receive the title of IoT software development companies — and so, all of them appear as the professionals in this area.

At the same time, not all IoT software development companies are equally good — and not all of them are capable to guarantee the needed support for the smart technologies. In this context, the current landscape of Internet of Things software development companies includes cloud platform developers, startups, hardware companies, and system integrators. But can each of them separately deliver the full package of the IoT services needed? Not always.

Hence, being highly profitable, demanded and relatively new, the Internet of Things area attracts everyone capable to develop software. But not each supplier can be really called an IoT software development company. And this situation provokes elaborating the list of the top Internet of Things software development companies that consists of the representatives that are able to guarantee the best result for the clients interested in ordering smart technologies.

What are the best IoT software development companies?

Or, to restate this question: what should average IoT software development companies do to turn into a top IoT software development company? The answer is a complex one. In general, most observers agree that the appearance of any firm in the list of top IoT software development companies means possessing a capability to comprise both hardware and software vendors, along with end-to-end (M2M) and connectivity service providing. In our opinion, this criteria checklist is valid — but can be expanded by mentioning the high level of customer satisfaction with the already delivered service, along with the constant contribution of a supplier to elaborating and popularizing the idea of the Internet of Things for the future.

Based on this logic, the rating of 10 top Internet of Things software development companies is:

- Intellectsoft IoT Lab

- Itransition

- Softeq

- Intersog

- Belitsoft

- LeewayHertz

- Fingent

- Silicus

- Peerbits

- Mindinventory

So, why them? The detailed answer to this question can be received while referring to the overview of each separate member in this list of top IoT software development companies below.


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Known as the global leader in IT development, Intellectsoft IoT Lab is offering numerous solutions that enable an inclusion of the Internet of Things technology into the business practice in the most comfortable manner. Precisely, the solution presented includes hardware platforms for IoT — meaning infrared, proximity, thermal sensors that are connected by different protocols — Wi-Fi, cellular, Zigbee, NFC, RFID. Moreover, the service package includes software development (that can take an appearance of a single-screen web dashboard, mobile app, or any other custom solution), building a prototype (with NodeMCU Firmware, Contiki, Riot OS, or other tools), and final manufacturing.

In order to create a high-quality industrial eco-system after these actions, this IoT software development company enhances the ability of numerous devices to work with Big Data within an interconnected smart network. And the result appears so high-flying that Intellectsoft IoT Lab proudly gains the title of a top IoT software development company in this rating.

Offices: USA, UK, Norway, Ukraine, Belarus

Contact: +1 650 300 4335 | Founded : 2018 | Employees : 250–500

Among the specific advantages of Intellectsoft IoT Lab, its outstanding ability to create the whole IoT system that includes cloud technology, messaging system, Wi-Fi connected device, smartphone or tablet, and Bluetooth connected device is worth mentioning. Within this design, the top concern of this IoT development company is to provide a scalable and reliable solution for the business needs of any type. For example, among the specific platforms with which the corporate engineers work, there are Android Things, AWS IoT, Samsung ARTIK, zephyr, WearOs and many others. Being empowered by the wide range of all the services Intellectsoft specializes in, the result this IoT software development company presents on the market remains up-to-date and can easily become multidimensional.

Expertise: Software Development Services, Product Engineering, Mobile App Development, Consulting, DevOps, Big Data, UI/UX, Quality Assurance


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Being one of the most reliable IoT development companies on the global market, Itransition presents various digital solutions that are designed with the aim to optimize business performance. Specifically, this IoT software development company under the logo “Digital transformation: software engineering and beyond” not only provides an effective solution for business operations on market but also works on the increase of user engagement with the services delivered. In the sphere of IoT, the Itransition offers solutions in the dimensions of IoT app development, backend engineering, extension into IoT, enterprise and industrial IoT, consumer IoT, and hyperconnection through IoT.

Headquarters: USA, UK, Poland, Belarus

Contact: +1 720 207 2820 | Founded: 1998 | Employees: 1001–5000

Among the prominent services this IoT software development company presents, IoT data analytics and IoT for retail dimensions deserve the special attention. On the one hand, analytical abilities of Itransition include a potential to systematize and analyze the data obtained from various IoT sensors — and create reliable predictions. On another hand, the adoption of corporate solutions in the sphere of retail is one of the greatest achievements of the IoT software development company. Specifically, it enables connected retail experiences and shared commerce elaborations that significantly optimize the operation of digital signage, kiosks, vending, POSs, and retail mobility. And the success cases of the cooperation of Itransition with Adidas and Summer Infant prove the effectiveness of its IoT solutions.

Expertise: Data management, Big Data & Analytics, Business Intelligence, Ecommerce, Customer Experience and Engagement


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As the leading Internet of Things software development company, Softeq creates digital solutions for the businesses that struggle with the connectivity of the installed smart devices. In this context, the enterprise is capable to work with different communication interfaces and protocols, including NFC, WiFi, and BLE.

At the same time, by sticking to the ambition for innovativeness, the IoT application development company also delivers collection and acting services. In this context, the smart search looks through all the available web systems and captures the needed data that can be turned into an actionable info.

Headquarters: USA

Contact: 888 552 5000 | Founded: 1997 | Employees: 250–500

Moreover, the IoT application development company can include the technology in its various forms. In particular, Softeq works with device design and hardware prototyping, digital signal processors and microcontrollers, device interfaces — HMI, sensor data acquisition, M2M and data integration, BI & Web dashboards for device fleet management, and mobile apps remotely controlling and relaying data from connected objects. With this wide range of projects, the Internet of Things development company offers the most complex approach on the market while dealing with IoT peculiarities. And the client base of Softeq, which includes HP, Epson, SanDisk, Microsoft, and GoPro, signalizes of the reliability and high standard of a service delivered by the company.

Expertise: Web Applications, Hardware Design, Embedded Software, Mobile Applications, Blockchain Development, Connected World, Software Prototyping


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The main working goal of the dimension of iot.Intersog is to help the companies of any size to capture the benefits of automotive solutions — including the cost-effectiveness, workflow optimization, increased user engagement, and remote monitoring. To achieve it, the Internet of Things software development company acknowledges the importance of new workforce skills and effective DevOps practices for ROI-driven IoT development. At the same time, the highly efficient solutions from the developer in this sphere are designed in order to provide actionable results in terms of company-specific top line growth and bottom line savings indicators. Together, these factors contribute to its appearance among top IoT development companies.

Headquarters: USA

Contact: +1 773 305 0885 | Founded: 2005 | Employees: 201–500

Moreover, this Internet of Things software development company is capable to customize its up-to-date solutions to the needs of each specific firm. In this context, iot.Intersog enables the various types of communication (M2M, MM2M, M2I, M2N, and EqSS, precisely) and sensor integration. Furthermore, an ability to automate more than a half of a manual work is not only a highly convenient measure but also a necessary optimization tool for the key operations and processes. And so, by making its ambition possible, this representative of IoT development companies makes a significant change into the innovativeness of the contemporary business landscape.

Expertise: IoT Advisory, Application Development, Automation, Accessibility, Analytics


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In its activity, Belitsoft aims at delivering software development services for the companies of various sizes and industries. Hiring the experts in system engineering and cloud programming, it makes the needed adjustments in front-end and back-end dimensions that lead to the necessary changes for the entire IoT ecosystem within the business. In particular, the IoT development company is working with data processing from the sensors, transferring the information to a server, storing it there, and showing the result on a display.

Headquarters: USA, Belarus

Contact: +1 917 410 5757 | Founded: 2004 | Employees: 101–250

In general, Belitsoft develops highly effective solutions in terms of quality and security. Being aware of the specifics of the whole IoT concept, the IoT development company includes in its service the full spectrum of measures, meaning the expertise in working with sensors and wireless communication, the required education in Computer Science and Software Engineering, and the proper understanding of the focus on user interface. Thus, Belitsoft, as the top IoT development company, significantly contributes to enhancing the innovative potential of the contemporary companies and offers the full package of IoT solutions.

Expertise: Custom Software Development, Dedicated Team Building and Staff Augmentation, Blockchain Development, Mobile App Development


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In its activity, LeewayHertz creates the game-changing products which enable the inclusion of smart technologies in an enterprise. In particular, this IoT custom development company makes the needed adjustments in its business operations in terms of consulting and strategy, certification, firmware and software development, deployment, mobile app development, and maintenance and upgrade. With such a variety of services, it’s possible for this participant in the list of top IoT development companies to satisfy the needs of the companies from different sectors.

Headquarters: USA

Contact: +1 877 801 8115 | Founded: 2007 | Employees: 250–500

In addition, LeewayHertz offers an outstanding level of IoT expertise on market. In this context, the IoT development company covers most of the parts of mastery needed for crafting a successful IoT solution, meaning experience design, web services, embedded systems, and mobile platform. Within its structured approach, the IoT application development company offers to connect various devices within a secure IoT platform — creating seamless experiences across platforms and channels, enhancing products, proper data collecting, and gaining insights that are useful for decision-making. In addition to such a complexity of tools, LeewayHertz works with various platforms, including Google IoT, Azure IoT, AWS IoT, and IBM Watson IoT. Because of this, the company gains its place in the presented list as one of the best IoT software development companies currently presented on market.

Expertise: IoT Consultancy and Strategy, Certification, Firmware and Software Development, Deployment, Mobile App Development, Maintenance and Upgrade


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Fingent, like most IoT development companies, specializes in various types of custom software. Among the main dimensions of this service, there are enterprise software development, web application development, enterprise mobility solutions, digital transformation services, data analytics, visualization, and business technology consulting. As an IoT custom development company, Fragent crafts things with a constant idea that they are the elements of the network which should be connected in an intelligent and elegant fashion. To make such a system possible, this Internet of Things software development company dedicates enormous efforts to create a real business innovation, streamline business with the optimized process, and engage customer experience.

Headquarters: USA

Contact: +1 914 615 9170 | Founded: 2003 | Employees: 251–500

Beyond the above-mentioned functionality, the IoT custom development company is working with the cloud, mobile, and desktop technologies. Together, they create tailored solutions with the enhanced communication toolkit (for messaging between co-workers and customers), a possibility for business acceleration, and cost-effectiveness. And in return, the ecosystem created by Fragent turns it into an executor of IoT solutions of the highest rank that are reliable to deliver tasks like IoT data management, application development, and consulting services. And because of this dedication, the partner base of the IoT custom development company already includes companies like Sony, Johnson and Johnson, and NEC.

Expertise: IoT Data Management, IoT Application Development, IoT Consulting Services


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Silicus deserves its place among top IoT software development companies by being a “cloud transformation technology,” capable of designing the solutions in software, analytics, IT infrastructure and digital workplace (and, of course, IoT). As an IoT software development company, it enables the new business opportunities and intelligent outcomes to appear and engage the users of smart devices. In this context, Silicus offers a cloud-based Azure IoT platform that works with all the customer requests in the sphere of the Internet of Things. Besides the possibilities of most IoT development companies, this developer can work with IoT connected devices, ingest IoT telemetry for analytics and building intelligence, and even integrate a digital twin in the network of business apps.

Headquarters: USA

Contact: +1 866 912 8855 | Founded: 2000 | Employees: 501–1000

As a top IoT software development company, Silicus is offering numerous high-quality IoT services that aim at satisfying any Internet of Things request. Specifically, the firm works with core IoT platform configuration, application of business logic, device connectivity and security, device management, telemetry management, and user management — and provides solutions like IoT Hub configuration, cloud hosting and deployment, identity and privacy management, device status management, role definitions, and many others. Besides, this member of the best IoT development companies list possesses expertise in connected products and apps, connected systems, and data-driven connected business. Hence, Silicus gained a reputation of a well-known technological expert in the sphere of IoT.

Expertise: Azure IoT solution accelerators, Azure IoT Hub


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Peerbits is a firm that aims at including the Internet of Things into widespread business practice. To make it happen, the IoT software development company works on engaging its solutions in the various forms, including application development, cognitive technologies, and managed services. In the specific sphere of IoT app development, the company designs and implements cognitive technologies that turn the new possibilities offered by the Internet of Things into reality. And so, the process of problem identification, searching for a device solution, selecting hardware, constructing a platform, testing and implementing, and supporting and improving is the basis of the Peerbits’ work.

Headquarters: India

Contact: +9 179 4003 4577 | Founded: 2011 | Employees: 51–100

In addition, this representative of the Internet of Things software development companies makes a significant impact on IoT app development by providing reliable and efficient solutions for any business needs. In this context, the exact criteria of its work include making a scalable result (that can include the new devices in its control area), security (in terms of a safe trusting of the personal data to smart devices), experience (meaning the expertise of the developers), readymade platform (for the user’s control), affordability (to guarantee that a large circle of business can try smart solutions), and access to tools (to eliminate the possible bags in the future). This makes the service of Peerbits worth being included in the list of top IoT software development companies.


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Surely, Mindinventory is the valuable provider to close this list of the top Internet of Things software development companies. In particular, the firm works in the spheres of mobile app and web development and helps the companies achieve the outstanding business results by the application of the brand-new and accurate technologies in their business operations. In this context, as an IoT development company, Mindinventory offers the solutions on enhancing the communication between the smart devices, which may happen through Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, NFC, iBeacon, Bluetooth Smart, Rfid, and other channels.

Headquarters: India

Contact: +9 195 1229 3490 | Founded: 2011 | Employees: 51–100

In addition, Mindinventory manages to accelerate the business growth, offer prompt and precise services, and apply the smarter approach to business operations to their clients. Within a comprehensive service package, the company offers IoT app development, consultancy, implementation and support, app security, and many other options. Moreover, the corporate image includes dedicated resource on demand and fast and flexible solution delivery. Thus, it deserves its place among top IoT development companies.

Expertise: IoT App Development, IoT Consultancy, IoT Implementation and Support, IoT Getaway Development, IoT Cloud Platform, IoT Maintenance Service, App Security Consulting, Backend and API Development, Connectivity with Wearable Devices

#11 Sumatosoft: IoT Software Development Company

Sumatosoft Logo
Sumatosoft Logo

Sumatosoft, being one of the best Internet of Things software development company, offers a wide range of services that bring value to numerous businesses and end-users. The company provides full-cycle custom software development services and can help you create high-quality IoT web and mobile apps.

Somatosoft IoT software development company has been on the market for over 6 years and has a vast experience in developing Machine Learning apps, IoT web and mobile applications, services integration, as well as offer you middleware and ETL solutions. Apart from this, the team provides Big Data analysis in order to get meaningful insights that are crucial for business strategies. Collected data is properly processed and structured by the team thus providing UI and Data visualization solutions to the clients.

Headquarters: Boston, MA, the USA

Contact: +375293145086|Founded: 2012|Employees: 10–49

Sumatosoft uses C/C++, Python, Ruby, and JavaScript programming languages. They choose to utilize such development frameworks as Node.js, Ot, Device.js, Eclipse IoT, IoT.js, etc. As for the specific platforms, the company’s engineers work with Amazon Web Services IoT, Google Cloud IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT, etc.

The company knows how to integrate IoT apps with different kinds of businesses. Over the years they have successfully completed projects for the healthcare industry, retail, manufacturing, logistics, and smart home niche. In case your company works in other fields, it’s not a problem for the team to develop a perfect solution for your IoT app.

The awareness of the IoT applications’ potential is growing. That is the reason why more and more companies are investing their resources into the development of the web and mobile apps. Sumatosoft is one of the trusted companies that can easily turn develop IoT apps for different purposes.

Expertise: IoT Machine Learning, Web and Mobile IoT applications, Big Data analysis, Middleware and ETL solutions, UI and Data Visualization, Services Integration.

#12 Belitsoft: IoT App Development Company

Belitsoft Logo
Belitsoft Logo

Belitsoft IoT app development company helps numerous businesses across the globe to build and implement IoT applications to their services and enhance their user experience. IoT apps have been one of their specialties for 5 years already and Belitsoft has completed a number of projects for the US, Canadian, European, etc. clients.

This is the Internet of Things software development company that dives deep into the requirements and develops the strategy in order to deliver a high-quality product. Belitsoft has professional engineers who can easily deal with custom IoT application development, IoT gateway development, IoT data analytics, voice-enabled technology solutions, etc.

A full-stack team knows all the specifics of the field, so they will choose the latest tools and technologies for your case, and most importantly — the best ones. Belitsoft company develops IoT apps for Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, and Linux operating systems. They also employ web services like RESTful, OAuth Authorization, SOAP services, and Thing API, and such driving forces for IoT as Miniature Boards, Power Connectivity, Sensors, and Cloud Sync. The team chooses to use specific supported protocols among which you can find HTTP/HTTPS, UDP, XMPP, TCP, etc.

Headquarters: Minsk, Belarus

Contact: +375 (25) 694–36–77|Founded: 2004|Employees: 250+

The team of the company employes over 250 specialists who turn your ideas into reality and win your heart, as Belitsoft does its best to maintain long-term relationships with their partners and clients.

Since 2004, they’ve completed numerous IoT projects for Wearables, Healthcare, Smart Home and Office, Retail systems, Transportation, Smart Manufacturing, Banking and Payments. Thanks to their 100% transparent work, competitive prices, and flexible engagement models, Belitsoft keeps its place among the top IoT development companies.

Expertise: Custom IoT Application Development, Firmware & API development, IoT Gateway Development, IoT Consulting Services, IoT Data Analytics, Cloud server deployment

#13 Perfectial IoT Development: One of the Top Companies

Perfectial Logo
Perfectial Logo

IoT development of apps for various devices is taking over the technological world and brings it to the next level. Perfectial is one more top software development company that can turn your projects and ideas that seem impossible into reality.

Perfectial IoT development company helps a great number of companies to implement IoT technologies into their businesses as they have in-house experts who can properly conduct any task and find suitable solutions. The team can tackle all sorts of challenges including engineering of scalable architectures, the establishment of automatic management, going from closed to open systems, etc.

Headquarters: Lviv, Ukraine

Contact: +380672304670|Founded: 2010|Employees: 50–249

If you do not have your own experts who have a deep understanding of the processes involved or extended knowledge in the field of IoT, the Perfectial team is ready to develop custom IoT solutions for you. The engineers will tailor advanced functionalities for your specific kind of business in order to achieve the best possible outcomes. The team will cover the whole IoT infrastructure from strategical solutions to analytical tools at the cloud level. Integration of IoT reshapes business operations into innovative ways and brings more valuable information on the company’s clients, as well as on the performance of different business units. Even if you already have the application, the team of professional engineers can connect it to the cloud and embed intelligent gateways to extract data and analyze every bit of it. Once the data is collected and analyzed, the insights can be adjusted to optimize the workflow.

Over the years, Perfectial has managed to do their best while developing IoT software for Smart Energy, Logistics, Smart warehouses, manufacturing, retail, and healthcare.

Expertise: IoT Solutions Development, IoT Integration, IoT Management

#14 Intellias: Implementation of Smart Connectivity

Intellias Logo
Intellias Logo

Intellias works with different kinds of businesses and helps them to manage their operational efficiency and set up processes. The company perfectly knows how to integrate IoT apps, mobile devices, cloud services, and physical objects into one connected system and provide flawless access to the end-users.

IoT development requires profound knowledge and enhanced software skills in order to implement solutions and let your business run smoothly. Intellias team is ready to cooperate with any kind of business, from fresh startups to big corporations, as they have all the necessary assets.

Software developers can easily embed needed software to minimize resource use for applications running on physical devices that have limited power supply, optimize IoT app performance by selecting the most efficient connectivity option for the project, ensure IoT app security (IoT penetration testing, fuzz testing for embedded, on-premise, and web apps). In addition, the company runs secure software infrastructures that are built with the most powerful and cutting-edge IaaS providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud. The team will not only collect data and store it, but also provide their clients with analysis as their machine learning IoT systems generate useful insights and credible predictions.

Headquarters: Lviv, Ukraine

Contact: + 38 (032) 290–36–90|Founded: 2002|Employees: 1000–9999

Intellias serves various kinds of industries that include retail, agriculture, real estate, energy, and automotive. For instance, if we are talking about the automotive industry, they can accelerate connected vehicle technology by acquiring data from sensors to improve the in-car experience. The company provides automotive software to Tier 1 and OEM vendors from the UK, Germany, South Korea, and Japan. IoT technologies offer significant business opportunities for automakers and Intellias serves as a bridge between the idea and IoT ecosystem implementation.

Expertise: Embedded Software, IoT Smart Connectivity, IoT Security, Edge Computing, IoT Cloud Services, User Experience Design

#15 PixelCrayons: IoT Software Development for Your Business

PixelCrayons Logo
PixelCrayons Logo

PixelCrayons IoT development company occupies top positions as they know how to save their client’s time and money. The team of trained and experienced engineers is capable of completing projects of different complexity levels. The thing is that the company provides end-to-end IoT apps development for reasonable and affordable prices.

They can offer IoT development consultancy (it’s possible to try this service for free) and come up with the right solution for your case. PixelCrayons deliver flexible strategies to manage new and diverse IoT devices. The team of experts provides complete backend and API development solutions to their customers. Thus, being able to create specific apps for different devices that can help businesses reach their ultimate goals and get the most of IoT technology implementation.

Apart from this, the team of engineers develops IoT gateways for the apps, as well as supports and maintains the IoT system, once it is implemented. So, in case of any sort of disruptions, the professionals are going to check them and fix them as soon as possible. Here you can also find experts who can provide voice-enabled technology solutions for your projects. In addition, they will perform advanced data analysis and offer solutions that best fit your business requirements.

Headquarters: Noida, India

Contact: 8882108080|Founded: 2004|Employees: 205–999

The implementation of the company’s IoT solutions has increased audience size and decreased expenditure for companies that provide services in different industries (Wearables, Smart homes, Healthcare, Smart cars).

Businesses choose this team as they care about their clients and are able to provide personalized offers, optimize use of resources, make real-time effective decisions, automate and optimize processes, etc.

Expertise: IoT Development Consultancy, IoT Application Development, Backend & API Development, IoT Gateway Development

#16 Vocareum: Get a Full Insight on IoT Technologies

Vocareum Logo
Vocareum Logo

Internet of Things software development company needs professional and skilled experts who have not only theoretical but also practical knowledge of the industry. If you want to enhance your awareness and bring your skills to the next level, Vocareum is a perfect solution for you.

This is the Internet of Things software development company that prepares computer science students and engineering professionals to drive new consumer and business behavior with IoT software. More and more devices and physical objects become interconnected, everyday companies strive to speed up the processes and deliver more efficient solutions to the end-users. Thus, the study lab is where you can get all the necessary information to work on complex tasks and improve existing solutions to perfection.

The IoT Lab offers cloud-based learning that pairs the latest orchestration, data analysis, and visualization tools with a user-friendly and pedagogically effective workbench. Students will be set up to various IoT assignments and get grades for the completed task.

Headquarters: San Jose, the USA

Contact: (650) 549–5194|Founded: 2012|Employees: 1–10

The company offers educational award-winning product that aims to make teaching computer science more efficient. Here you can find the lab and exam infrastructure for performance-based assessments. It offers an extensive set of utilities built on top of AWS, giving others the flexibility to configure a cost-effective computing hub for the diverse tools that are taught across Data Science programs at the universities or colleges.

The product can make life easier both for teachers and students as it helps to manage coding assignments. It also helps to automate grading and feedback support for different testing and verification courses.

Sign up for a free trial on IoT development and enhance your knowledge.

Expertise: Training on IoT Development

#17 Avnet: Your Trustworthy Partner

Avnet Logo
Avnet Logo

Avnet IoT software development company can help you realize your IoT potential and help you create a strong business case. The company works with startups, OEMs, and enterprises. Share your ideas on the projects you want to turn into reality and the team of highly professional engineers will help design the devices and infrastructure you need to connect, collect and transfer data on-premise or to the cloud. They can even pick up any project at any stage of development and finish it by providing suitable solutions for your requirements.

IoT software development is more complex than a traditional IT project. Avnet is capable of building a solid business case and line up the resources to execute it. The team of engineers will not only define the IoT strategy for your company but also adopt it and create a host of new digital opportunities.

Benefits from partnering with Avnet for IoT solutions include optimization of the process, predictive analytics to take preventive measures when needed, increased productivity and minimized downtime, instantaneous control and response in complex autonomous systems.

The team of experts will take care of any stage of the process starting from IoT product development and ending with device management.

Headquarters: Phoenix, the USA

Contact: 480–643–2000|Founded: 1921|Employees: 15700

Avnet IoT software development company provides its support across various industries, including retail, oil and gas, manufacturing, fleet, and logistics. The company is also a part of groups that help to shape IoT standards around the globe (IoT M2M Council, the LoRa Alliance). In addition to this, the company offers pre-developed apps that can be easily customized to fit your business and industry you work in.

Expertise: IoT Strategy, IoT Product Development, IoT Device Management, IoT Integration

How to choose your provider among these IoT development companies

So, you’ve just seen the complete list of the top Internet of Things software development companies. And the logical question after reading is, “How can I use it for my business needs in the best way?”.

Basically, the exact answer to this inquiry depends exclusively on your concrete interests and the resources you are ready to allocate for the project. For example, the Indian providers are known for the low cost of any service they deliver, while more expensive providers like Intellectsoft IoT and Itransition are able to create an outstanding product — even comparing to other businesses that apply smart technologies.

Thus, consider wisely the input you can make before making a decision. And be sure — any company in this list of top IoT software development companies will deliver the result of the highest quality available on market today.

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