Liberals need a new approach to immigration
The Economist

This harm of tribal disdain for opposing viewpoints can be witnessed in most hot-button issues dividing the US at this time- whether they be abortion (freedom of choice vs. murder), gun control (the threat to final govt. physical control of the masses), freedom of religion ( conflicting with gender fluidity and the pain of moral judgement), freedom of the press (the censoring of social media and fake news), Capitalism (corporate greed vs. socialism), privilege ( racism, misogyny, and the allocation of power), etc., etc., etc. Although there is frequently controversy over freedom of speech (vs. damaging offense), the vast majority of all tribes, IMHO, unite over the altar of this freedom. As the first freedom of American culture, speech may be the only common denominator. Any tribe must support this basic belief if it is to ever engage in a constructive conversation with other groups which are all valid and of value to the whole of society. Freedom from disdain is not in the Bill of Rights, but needs to be respected, nonetheless.