V3 API: Open Source Edition

Our projects here at the MBTA rely a lot on a community of open source software. In the V3 API alone, we build on top of:

We’re also part of a community of transit agencies across the United States and the world, collaborating on standards such as GTFS and GTFS-Realtime.

As a member of those communities, we want to contribute back where we can. To that end, we’re open-sourcing (under the MIT License) the code behind our V3 API. We opened the API itself up to the public just over a year ago, and now the code is open as well: https://github.com/mbta/api.

Our hope is that this can be useful to other agencies and developers, as it’s built on top of our standardized GTFS and GTFS-Realtime data. Additionally, it’s a large Elixir application, serving millions of requests every day, and it may be a useful example for that community as well.

This isn’t the end of the road for the API, either. We’re continuously adding new data, and we’re always looking for developers to join our team to work on it. Sound interesting? Come join our team!

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