The saviour called feedback.

Feedback could be good or bad, but its for one reason; to improve. Feedback is someone’s suggestion about you or your work. It could be true or not. You are not to accept the feedback until you test it’s validity.

“your work is bad, you have 8 weeks to rectify this mess”. This was what I could hear from my supervisor after so much effort in completing my first four chapters of my final year project back in school. I wasn’t only sad, I was discouraged, I was disappointed, I gave up. I was expecting to hear “wow”, “wonderful”, “amazing” and so on.

Her words kept ringing in my head, I knew there was something I could do about it within that 8 weeks. I decided to change my reaction about what she said and take it as a challenge. I refused to let it weight me down but as a motivation to make correction to my mistakes. Truly, if she didn’t tell me how bad my work was then, the worst would have happened when defending to the real panel.

Feedback is not to check if someone likes you or not (Nothing personal). It is not the final truth about you or your work, it is just to bring to your notice that you can do better and be a better person. Feedback saved me and gave me an A, it can also save you.

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