I blogged every day for a month and here’s what happened — it’s not what you think.
Mateja Klaric

I agree, and I actually disagree with some of your points. First of all I applaud you on wanting to give excellent content to your readers. I completely agree with that.

As a reader I would rather read quality instead of quantity. I want to read very well written pieces.

However, I’m doing a challenge similar to what you were doing. I’ve actually had opposite results. My engagement is going up.

Blogging every day is not a magic formula for me. I guess it has been less about increasing engagement and more about transforming me. By blogging every day I’m forcing myself to actually write. And on top of that, I’m experimenting more with publishing my blogs, guest posting, headlines, tags, etc.

I guess people get mislead. They think blogging everyday will solve their stats. It’s not that. It is the practice of writing that changes everything.

Thanks for debunking the myth!!