Owen, I like you.
Patrick Ireland

“Many of us, if we’re being honest with ourselves, are well aware that the odds of Corbyn winning a GE are slim — HOWEVER, we just think winning a GE is not as important as building our movement and (slowly) turning the Left into a strong, political force.”

A strong political force that does not win election. It is not clear that this force is actually for, then.

“Suddenly, the Labour Party are trying to publically identify themselves as ‘socialists’ and the Tories are talking about social justice and workers on boards. This is a direct result of Corbyn. Politics is shifting because of him — in spite of the Establishment onslaught.”

The direct result of Corbyn is that there are a lot of former Labour voters that are being hoovered up by the Conservative party. These are voters who are rejecting Labour. It is not because of Corbyn’s policies.

“Neoliberal capitalism, for a lack of a better term, is dying.”

No, it is not. Capitalism has crises, but it self-corrects. Third-world countries that embrace capitalism are improving. The ones that reject capitalism, like Venezuela are declining.

“We, on the Left, suspected this was the case post-2008 and it is now clear, even for the diehard free market zealots, that things aren’t going well.”

Things are going well. There is increasing growth and prosperity.

“ Change is coming: the free market economic consensus no longer works.”

The crash took place in 2008. It is now 2016. If the ‘change’ did not happen in 2008, it is not going to happen now.

“Yes, that’s scary. But it’s also encouraging because it’s proof that many on the Left, especially those on the Marxist Left, were somewhat right about capitalism in a broad sense.”

I assume that includes all those theorists that ran the USSR.

“My point is the economic structures which move and animate society will force political activity to take a different path, regardless of who is in Government.”

Ahhh, determinism. Individuals matter as well. People can be responsible for their own futures. It does not need a mass movement.

There will be no revolution.