Sycamore Gap Hadrians’ Wall

I took a little walk up to this well-known spot to get an image. I know that this place is photographed to death but sometimes you just have to get the shot and try to put your angle on it. So I parked up at Steelrigg car park and set off with a four-year-old in tow. A journey that should have taken 20 minutes ended up taking about 40 but hey ho. Anyway, upon arrival at the location it was very crowded and I had to wait until all the people were out of frame. I then set up using a rock as foreground trying to bring a little more interest to the front of the image (all the while making sure Olly wasn’t falling off other rocks or shouting at hikers to get out of daddy’s way!) Success! (At least for me). I love the final image and although the sky wasn’t amazing there is still enough drama.
I hope you enjoy this!
Sycamore Gap