3 month, 6 month, 9 month

  • onboarding have to update w4 to exempt, until end of march
  • finish HR training
  • Have first task with Nat
  • Daily standups
  • Note what you accomplished each day
  • First 6 months most critical, learn as much as you can. Be helpful.



Entering this week what do you have to be mindful of? What are your goals?

  • Gym starts 600–730
  • meal prep leaving gym = breakfast, lunch, oatmeal, coffee, tea
  • get meal prep lunch bag

breakfast: rice, protein: egg, ground meat, bacon

lunch: rice, protein

snack: oatmeal, yogurt, granola, chocolate x 2

Laptop Bag: laptop, iPad, chargers

  • Lunch Bag: Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, Water, coffee, tea

Gym Bag: pump cover, straps, towel, water bottle

  • Shower Bag: shampoo, soap, towel
  • Clothes Bag: Pack work clothes, brief, socks, pants, shirt, sweater,

Need: shampoo, lock,



  • HTML in the morning
  • Go in on Chest, Tris
  • make rice, sashimi / side pork, trader joes
  • walk snoh
  • Find coffee shop to go in on CSS in the afternoon

Be positive, you have SFSU References, and Tech References, This should be good to go.

Be ready to go on Monday, your next chapter is beginning. Let’s see what type of run you can put together.

Tune up your bike for now, stack , $ goes to food, workout equipment, massages, trips



Going in to this next phase I want you to be composed, to work hard, to make connections, get your workouts in, get your cardio in, eat clean.

Envision yourself having goals at work, learning, completing the goals. contributing. Just keep working at it.

Morning strength training. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Friday optional

Nightly cardio / core at sfsu

espresso, work mug, water heater, tea stuff, crackers, nuts, yogurt, dried fruit, oatmeal, protein

workout 630–730, breakfast : oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, nuts, eggs

work 830–530: rice, protein, snack, crackers, salmon, chocalate, green tea

dinner rice protein

Have the snacks, drinks, comfort ready to go in the office.



What a bday bro, its getting locked in, its gooooo time!!!

Take home $75k

Out of State real estate, ATM Machine, Vending Machine

Amazon Dropshipping, Resell clothes


Frenchy Pups

Business Conferences

Fun: Travel, Motorcycle, 944 Porsche

travel: italy, japan, puerto rico, switzerland,





  • Morning Coffee SFSU
  • Algos, Data Structures, Big O
  • Gym, Cook, Eat, Walk


  • React Project — Node Project
  • Apply, Interview, Take homes : Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, Dice

What are you going to do for money?

  • TechEd: $50 / day 2–4pm
  • Remote Tutor
  • UCSF Temp Pool