I’ve been working on the web for just over 10 years now. I’ve started out as a .NET developer that also did some front-end, without any education (but don’t skip school, I just got lucky). But after a while I figured that the part I really liked was user interactions. And putting stuff on the screen. And fixing accessibility problems. After I was done with the front-end of a project, I hated that I had to do the back-end. I also was not good at it.

And then a colleague of mine (Pascal Vree), said to me something along the lines…

Last November I made the decision to stop with NLHTML5 and wrote a post about it. But as you can guess from the title, we’re back!

We really missed organising it, and missed all of the attendees. So the past few months have given us time to think about how we would like to continue. What can we change to make it better and more enjoyable, both for us and for you?

  • A more flexible schedule, so no more “every third Thursday of the month”. This was not only something that we wanted for flexibility, but also a request from some of the members that weren’t able to join on Thursdays. …

I’ve decided to stop organising NLHTML5 meetups. I’ve gotten a lot of questions on why I would do that. The short answer to that, is because I want to do different things, the long answer is the rest of this blog post.

Roughly two years ago I decided a wanted to do something new. I had given some talks at conferences, and organised some documentation sprints for webplatform.org (which seems to be a bit dead now), but wanted to do something for a broader community. I really liked the setup of the Fronteers meetings, but I wanted to try it for myself and try a different type of outreach. …

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