NLHTML5 is back! Similar, but not quite the same

Last November I made the decision to stop with NLHTML5 and wrote a post about it. But as you can guess from the title, we’re back!

We really missed organising it, and missed all of the attendees. So the past few months have given us time to think about how we would like to continue. What can we change to make it better and more enjoyable, both for us and for you?

  • A more flexible schedule, so no more “every third Thursday of the month”. This was not only something that we wanted for flexibility, but also a request from some of the members that weren’t able to join on Thursdays. So from now on it might not be every month, it might not be on a Thursday, it could even be twice a month.
  • Different formats. Instead of the “two talks, 45 minutes each”, we want to try new things. So it could be a workshop, a hackathon, a contest, a karaoke night. If we have a nice idea, we want to try it. If you have an idea, let us know and maybe we can do something together!
  • A diversity-first waitlist. We are saving spots for people in underrepresented groups (for example: women, people of colour, LGBTQ people, disabled people, and people facing economic or social hardships). If you are on the waitlist and believe you are part of an underrepresented group, let one of our organisers know and you will either change your waitlist status (to ‘Yes’) or bump you up to the top of the waitlist.
  • New locations. We want you to feel comfortable when going to our meetups, and support local businesses. That’s why we decided to host our meetups at smaller companies and startups throughout Amsterdam and other cities in the Netherlands.

Is this going to solve all our problems that we faced? Not all, but it will be even more fun to organise. And we know how much we will miss it if we aren’t organising it anymore.

I hope you’re all equally excited as we are, and join us at our next meetup on October 3rd! RSVPs open soon!