Designing for our future selves — Time to relearn our A-B-C-D’s

“Old people don’t use technology”

So why should we care about age in design? Because we’re selfish!

Ageing populations — the numbers

Age-Inclusive Design Thinking — my ABCD

A — Attitude

  • Personal independence
  • Autonomy and control
  • Embrace vanity
  • Health as a journey
  • Productivity
  • Social connections

B — Body

C — Cognition & Motor Skills

  • Users find it more difficult to read
  • Attention retention can be an issue
  • Perceiving sequences is difficult
  • Web forms can be confusing
  • Movement perception is reduced
  • Difficulties with colour, brightness can result in double vision
  • Sound can be distracting but music can be soothing

D — Diversity





Senior Product Designer… Maker of badass Spotify playlists

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Paul Woodley

Paul Woodley

Senior Product Designer… Maker of badass Spotify playlists

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