Fuck function. Lets make design pretty again.
Eden Vidal

What defines ‘beauty’? Just because something is built with function in mind does this mean it’s less beautiful? Can we define something as being beautiful because it’s functional?

When we see a visual today that doesn’t contain gradients, shadows and visual references from the past are we just assuming this has been built to be functional first? Are we assuming the creator didn’t focus on form?

I often read articles bemoaning that everything on the web all looks the same. There’s unlimited articles criticising work for being function before form.

Maybe the time has come for us to show an appreciation for our industry being higher educated and one that is now placing real emphasis on usability and accessibility. For years we’ve cascaded our message of the importance of usability, the user experience and accessibility. Now it’s being heard we’re complaining things are less beautiful.

Maybe now we should look forward to the challenge of making our work function first while being visually unique, receiving the recognition from our industry we once craved.

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