“Who you travel with matters”… very true statement.

Trip Tribe offers a community-based platform that enables travelers to connect with each other and travel together for yoga and fitness retreats. It provides its services in Latin America, Europe, the United States, Canada, Asia, and Africa. Trip Tribe enables individuals and businesses to promote accommodations and tours. Trip Tribe…

Halfway through an intensive UX bootcamp, I sure don’t feel like that guy right now (lol).

Atruity is a startup specializing in strategic planning based in Washington DC. They have partnered with General Assembly, an international design and development school, to create an innovative, user-focused product that serves as a tool kit for small businesses.


Project Mission: Create an online service that helps companies create a…

Effective to Great Education (ETGE) is an advanced startup venture paving the way towards positive impactful student discipline through social emotional learning (SEL) integration. General Assembly has teamed up with ETGE to create innovative technological SEL solutions and great exercises for GA students.

An Innovative Way for Caregivers to Learn and Grow


Project Mission: ETGE sought to find if…

When I was in my early teens, I faced a lot of challenges in life. I really needed guidance and someone to look up to. I was very fortunate that in 7th and 8th grade I found a teacher who couldn’t have fit the bill better, Mr. Patrick Summers. Mr…

Paul Wilcox

I am a passionate, professional, positive, problem solver and storyteller. I care deeply about designing exceptional experiences and making a positive impact.

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