Voters Created The Supreme Court Roe vs. Wade decision, No One Else!

Whether you agree or disagree with Roe vs. Wade, the Supreme Court’s decision was created by the people, through action or no action! In fact, around 53% of women voted for Trump. And a lot of young people and minorities didn’t vote at all. Now some of these same people are claiming foul play like Sen. Collins. She believes that two Trump appointed Justices mislead her. Is she joking?

Trump told women exactly what he was going to do. He explicitedly stated that he would appoint Supreme Court Justices who will overturn Roe vs. Wade. And he did it!

Therefore, this article is not about whether the Supreme Court was right or wrong, now, or tomorrow. It isn’t about whether you agree or not, because the Supreme Court doesn’t care. You could say, this article is about stupidity!

Losers are losers for a reason because they most often don’t care enough about something until it’s too late. And worse yet, a lot of people promote what they don’t want by doing nothing. They are not willing to defend what they believe in. Now, many women feel attacked according to many media sources but who do they represent?

Women are not stupid nor ignorant. So, if 53% of women voted for Trump well, they got the Supreme Court decision they voted for. The others who will also lose rights soon will be the minorities, LBGT movement, etc. But not voting or voting for the wrong person which doesn’t represent your values has consequences. I know a lot of people who share different views, but now when they end up in jail for doing what was once their rights, well it will be too late. The one thing I know, the people who were focused on their values got what they wanted. Unfortunately for all you losers, you lost for a reason. And a lot of you are not even allowed to vote any more so it’s going to be hard to correct!

Another point, if 80% of the people really disagree as mainstream media would like you to believe, well become active. These are numbers which can shut down a whole country. Yes, I know, this is not going to happen. Losers are losers because they are all talk and no action. Thank God our military are not made up of losers! Otherwise, we would have lost all our rights years ago.

Last point, don’t get mad at the winning minority who got Trump elected to push their values. They are winners; and they did it through the power of voting. They focused. And for those who no longer can vote because this right has also been taken away from you, well bad luck. Most of you wouldn’t have gone to vote anyway. But don’t worry, tomorrow you will have even less rights because you are the target.

By the way, I am a white man. I will lose no rights. And don’t tell me that this is not right; I already know this! But I am smart enough to vote for my values, even over my pocketbook!

So I remind most of you who are feeling sad, you created it! So get mad at me, if it will do you some good. Or get focused. That is exactly what the winners did! That my friend is called the Democratic Process. Voting counts if you have values, but only if you vote intelligently!

Oh, to answer your question of which side am I own, well isn’t it obvious. I am on the side of Democracy. Sometimes I win, sometimes I lose. But I always vote my values, even over my pocketbook!

By the way, all the sarcasm in this article is intended as food for thought to encourage you to go vote!



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Paul Moody

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